Tag: 2017

Skipworth – Echoes and Lines

Lachlan Skipworth plays with colour and texture to create remarkable new sounds

Written in 2017, Skipworth’s Echoes and Lines marks a radical departure from the composer’s typically long structures; he challenged his usual way of working by writing miniatures that express the personalities of the instruments and their players. It consists of nine short movements: I. Mysteriously–II. Very energetic–III. March-like–IV. Four Against Three–V. Abstract–VI. Mechanically–VII. Pressing–VIII. Smoothly, unaccented […]

Williams – Animalia

Natalie Williams' quirky, characterful musical portraits of pets and their owners

Nataile Williams’ Animalia was written to coincide with the National Portrait Gallery’s “Popular Pet Show” exhibition–each movement corresponds to a portrait of an artist’s pet. Movement’s 1 and 2 are based on sketches from Kristin Headlam’s A Dog’s Life; Movement 3 is based on Lucy Culliton’s paintings of her sheep; Movement 4 is based on […]